Seaweed Farmer on Kayar Beach

Travel to Kayar – The Fishermens Village

Situated some 60 km north of Dakar on the Grande-Côte, Kayar offers its visitors an immense fine beach bordered by a forest of pines, ventilated by vast sandy alleys. Kayar is one of most important fishing ports where travellers will have the opportunity to witness over 800 colourful pirogues which line the beach.

Kayar is an impressive place to watch the fishermen as they return from sea late in the afternoon. There are more than 6,000 in Kayar.

Kayar is the reference of craft fishing in Senegal where hundreds of pirogues deposit their fishing products to provide for the entire Cap-Vert population.

Nearby towns are Deni Guedj, Niaf Nangou, Tieudem, Kaniak, Keur Abdou Ndoye and Ndoguene.

Visitors to Kayar can enjoy surfcasting from the village’s immense beach.


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