Bandia Reserve

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Travel to Bandia Reserve – Private Game Reserve

Bandia Reserve is a private game reserve in Western Senegal located 65 kilometres from Dakar near Sally and Mbour. Created in 1990, Bandia is the first private reserve of Senegal. All the tumulus of the Bandia forest was classified by the historical monuments in 2003.

The reserve offers its visitors a wide variety of typical African savannah animals of which there are Giraffes, White Rhinos, Roan antelopes, Waterbucks, Kudus, Oryxs, Impalas, Cape Elands, Lord Derby Elands, Kob Antelopes, West African Forest Buffalos, Wart Hogs, Crocodiles, Green Vervets Monkeys and Patas Monkeys.

Besides animals, visitors to Bandia Reserve can also observe “Peuls boxes” (cases peuls), a coalman Rick, and a reconstitution of a funerary room. There are also some giant baobab trees, in particular the astonishing baobab elephant (Adansonia digitata).

Bandia Reserve constitutes a jewel of ecological success through the surprising regeneration of its flora and the reintroduction of large African mammals that had once disappeared.

The reserve surface is 1,500 hectares (35 square kilometres), with a project of extension to 3,500 hectares.

The reserve is itself an attraction where visitors can discover the real African Savannah animals.

Besides visiting Bandia Reserve, travellers can enjoy swimming in one of Saly-Portudal beaches or go to Dakar (refer to Dakar activities).

  • Experience an unforgettable safari while visiting Senegal.
  • Chance to meet with the biggest African mammals.
  • Discover the mythical African wildlife.


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