Cap Vert Peninsula

Cap Vert Sunset

Travel to Cap Vert Peninsula – Land of Heavenly Beaches

Cap Vert is a peninsula in Senegal and the westernmost tip of Africa. It was originally called Cabo Verde or Cape Green by Portuguese explorers.

Dakar, the capital of Senegal, is located near the southern tip. Cap Vert has an excellent harbour, facing Goree Island.

The peninsula is formed by a combination of volcanic offshore islands and a land bridge produced by coastal currents, and projects into the Atlantic Ocean. The peninsula embraces a bay and a natural harbour in the southwest.

The indigenous inhabitants of the peninsula, the Lebu, lived as fishermen and farmers. Since 1444, when the Portuguese first sighted the cape, it has been an entrepôt for African-European trade. Dakar was later established on the cape by the French in 1857.

Visitors to Cap Vert Peninsula can discover a large number of monuments and museums left by the Portuguese. Among them, there is Cidade Velha, the first city established by the Portuguese in Africa in 1962 ; Saint Philippe Royal Fortress (la Fortaleza Real de São Filipe) built in 1587; Calhau; Mindelo; Tabanka Museum; and Saint George Iconographic Museum.

During the day, Cap Vert Peninsula visitors can enjoy swimming, sunbathing, wind-surfing, deep-sea diving, fishing, and climbing.

The evenings are marked by a great gaiety with the sound of Fado, typical music of Portuguese civilizations. Travellers can also enjoy local meals mainly made of seafood (lobster, crabs, molluscs etc.).

  • Discover the different ethnic groups that live in the region.
  • Explore monuments and museums from the Portuguese time.
  • Enjoy fine seafood to the sound of vibrant music.


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