Travel to Diourbel – Groundnut Land

Thanks to the legendary hospitality of its people besides the charm of its sites loaded with history, built around symbols of a past which time did not manage to erase from memories, Diourbel succeeds to entertain curious minds that seek discovery and adventure.

Visitors to Diourbel are accommodated with a stream of light and sun; a pleasant promise of a dream stay in the sunniest region in Senegal.

Diourbel is about 145 kilometres east of Dakar. As a market for a peanut (groundnut) growing area, Diourbel produces peanut oil as well as beverages and perfume. The nearest places (localities) to Diourbel are Sessene, Dangol, Garhane, Sous, Kankane, Ngoko et Tiebo.

For attractions, travellers can visit the town mosque, the handicrafts market, and the towns in the vicinity.

  • The town is the site of a beautiful mosque and is a popular stop for Mourides (Muridiyyah) Muslims making a pilgrimage to the nearby town of Touba.
  • Diourbel is also home to Centre Artisanal, a marketplace for handicrafts.


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