Travel to Kaolack – Saloum River Port Town

Kaolack is a port on the Saloum River and one of the biggest cities in Senegal, located at 189 kilometres southeast of Dakar. Lying in a farm area, the town represents a major peanut marketing and exporting centre with a large peanut oil factory. Brewing, leather tanning, cotton ginning, and fish processing are also important industries in Kaolack.

French interests in the Saloum River increased in the early 19th century as legitimate articles of trade were sought to replace trade in slaves, from where the introduction of peanut production to the kingdom of Saloum and the establishment of the French fortified factory on the riverfront at Kaolack.

As the centre of Ibrahimiyya branch of the Tijaniyyah Sufi order founded by Ibrayima Ñas, Kaolack is a major centre of Islamic education. The Medina Baye Mosque in is one of the largest and best known in Senegal.

Kaolack is the chief town of both, the department and the region of Kaolack. It is located in an old kingdom called Saloum. The city was built in a site characterized by strong salt retention.

Kaolack’s main attractions are its beautiful large Mèdina Baye Mosque decorated in the Moroccan style; the covered market, the second largest in Africa after Marrakech with Sudanese style arches and arcades; the Saint Théophile Turpin Cathedral; and the Médina Baye quarter.

  • Visit one of the biggest mosques of Senegal.
  • Shop at the second largest covered market in Africa.


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