Saloum Delta

The Saloum Delta

Travel to Saloum Delta National Park – Pirogue Trips & Bird Haven

Saloum Delta National Park is situated in the Saloum delta, 80 kilometres east of Kaolack, and extending over 72,000 hectares. The landscape is characterized by small islands, sand dunes and swamps, providing a perfect habitat for hundreds of bird species, including pelicans, storks and pink flamingos.

The ecological and economic importance of the Saloum Delta has led the state of Senegal and the international community to take steps to protect the biodiversity of the site. Thus in 1976, 76,000 hectares of marshes and estuaries were elevated to National Park status.

In 1981 a stretch of mainland was linked to the park and the whole area was consequently registered as being part of the World Biosphere Heritage. Finally in 1984, this zone was classified as being a “Humid Zone of International Importance” or RAMSAR site, due to the fact that it is a zone that accommodates several species of paleoarctic birds.

  • Traverse the waters of the Saloum Delta by pirogue.
  • Search for a myriad of birdlife.
  • Enjoy the tranquility of a true wilderness area.


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