Travel to Thies – Senegal’s Second City

Thiès is an old city with a particular atmosphere, patiently shaped by passionate and impassioned historical and contemporary events that marked (lined) it without distorting it. Thiès offers its visitors real discovery opportunities in a pleasant and peaceful atmosphere.

Thiès, the second largest city in Senegal, is located at 60 kilometres east of Dakar and 20 kilometres from Tivaouane at the junction of railway lines to Dakar, Bamako and St-Louis. Thiès is the capital of Thiès Region and is a major industrial city. Thiès district was established by the French in 1904.

Before colonization, the Thiès Plateau was a wooded frontier between the kingdoms of Cayor and Baol inhabited by the None, an ethnic sub-group of the Sereer which had been subject to Wolof rule within the kingdom of Cayor. The None still inhabit the Thiès-None neighborhood of the south-west city today.

The plateau acquired strategic importance when the French embarked upon an expansionist colonial policy. A military post was created in 1864 and the military have marked the city’s development ever since; it is home to a major military base.

Thiès’ main attraction is its world-famous co-operative-run tapestry factory, the Manufactures Sénégalaises des Arts Décoratifs, where the tapestries are all based on the paintings of Senegalese artists. Besides, there is the Historical Museum, built in 1864 in the Faidherbe Fort that has been classified as a historical heritage; the Handicrafts village (le village artisanal); and the Avenue de la Gare Market, where travellers can enjoy local shows and concerts.

For activities, visitors to Thiès city can take advantage of the whole region activities (Thiès region), particularly in the “ Petite Côte” area. Among them, there is balneotherapy, balnear tourism, cultural tourism, fishing, sport fishing, and golf.

  • Explore historical sites of both the city and the region.
  • Enjoy local shows and concerts at the Avenue de la gare market.


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