Travel to Togo – Land of Voodoo Beliefs

Situated on the Gulf of Guinea, little-known Togo is West Africa’s smallest country. Neighbours include Ghana to the west, Benin to the east and Burkina Faso to the north.

Often Togo is closely associated with Benin and, in fact, the people of both countries are very similar – they greet visitors with the same degree of kindness and exhibit the same kind of free spirit.

Togo is a great destination for adventure travellers seeking somewhere off-the-beaten-track. Togo is also a scenic nation with a short Atlantic coastline, hilly landscapes, a diverse culture with over 40 ethnic groups, the land of the yam, and a fascinating tradition of voodoo worship. In the west of the country a high ridge is covered in equatorial vegetation, with cocoa and coffee growing in abundance.

Travellers who reach this fascinating country often choose to combine it with a tour of Ghana, Benin or Burkina Faso. But for those seeking an enriching and in-depth West Africa travel experience, a visit to just Togo won’t disappoint.

  • Discover Voodoo, a religion firmly embedded in the local culture, with numerous temples, altars and fetishes to see.
  • Spend a few days in the capital, Lomé – a friendly coastal city with great bars, restaurants and boulevards.
  • Relax on the shores of Lake Togo in a peaceful resort and take a pirogue trip across the lake to the historic voodoo town of Togoville.
  • Travel north to the remote Tamberma Valley to see unique architecture of fortree-like houses built out of clay and straw.
  • Head out on foot and hike in the jungle-clad hills which surround Mount Klouto and encounter beautiful butterflies in lush forests.


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