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Travel to Lomé – Pleasant Capital of Togo

Lomé, the capital of Togo, stretches along the coast for about 12 km between the Ghana border and the new Port de Lomé. Lomé is a pleasant city, where you can walk freely between low houses, through bustling crowds of market traders and goods carriers and stop at the stalls or at the artisans’ workshops to watch them work with iron and wood.

A visit to the different storeys of the central Grand Marché is always characterised by the lively discussions you are bound to have with the Togolese Nanas (female market traders), who are as communicative as their Beninese cousins! In the evening, cooled by a very pleasant breeze, you can easily take a stroll along the seaside road to the accompaniment of the light wind rustling through the palm trees.

Togo today, independent since 1960, is an ex-French Colony; part of the country also used to be colonised by the British, but this territory was later annexed to Ghana. This goes some way to explaining why the Ghana border is so close to the capital city – it is so close, in fact, that it is practically in the city itself.

Head for the beach – the whole Atlantic seafront of Togo has white sand beaches lined by coconut groves – perfect for unhurried relaxation.

  • Visit the Fetish Market (Marche des Feticheurs) and see an amazing array of ingedients for traditional tonics and fetishes.
  • Enjoy the lively night scene and dance the night away in typical West African-style.
  • Explore broad boulevards and uncover Togo’s history at the National Museum (Musee National).


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