Events on Mauritius

Event Occurs Description
Cavadi Festival January/February During this Hindu festival, bodies are pierced with needles; tongues and cheeks with pins and devotees in a trance carry the ‘Cavadi’ on their shoulders as a penitence. The ‘Cavadi’ is a wooden arch, covered with flowers and with a pot of milk at each end. Penitents also fire walk across white-hot coals at Tamil Kaylasson temple.
Maha Shivaratri Festival February or March Ganga Talao is an important pilgrimage site and many Mauritians of the Hindu faith walk there during the Maha Shivaratri festival or the night fasting dedicated to Shiva.
Holi March The Festival of Colour is a festival of joy culminating in a procession where coloured powders and water are thrown up above the crowd of gatherers who wish each other good luck.
Independence Day Celebrations March On Independence Day (12th March) aerial displays and music are held at Champ de Mars racecourse.
Marlin World Cup December An annual game fishing competition, is held at Black River.
Chinese New Year Spring The Chinese New Year is celebrated each year on a different date, owing to the differences between the lunar and the solar calendars. Houses are thoroughly cleaned before the festival. No knives or scissors are used on the actual day of the festival. Red, a symbol of happiness is the main colour of the day. Food offerings are made to ensure that the following year will be plentiful and traditional ‘wax’ cakes are distributed to parents and friends. Firecrackers are set off to drive away the evil spirits.
Ougadi March The Telugu New Year and is usually celebrated in March.
Id-El-Fitr varied The Id-El-Fitr signals the end of Ramadan – the fasting period for Muslim people. Prayers are said in mosques all day long.
Ganest Chaturthi August/September Ganesh Chaturthi is celebrated on the 4th day of the lunar month of August/September by Hindus in honour of the birth of Ganesha, God of Wisdom
Father Laval September Every September 9, Mauritians of all faiths go to the tomb of the Blessed Jaques Désiré Laval, the “Apostle of the Black People” at Ste-Croix, Port-Louis. The belief in Père Laval, to whom powers of healing are attributed, is similar to the Lourdes Pilgrimage in France.
Divali October/November Divali represents truth (light) defeating ignorance (darkness). It is a celebration of joy and happiness and for many Mauritians, a time for sharing.The Festival of Lights is celebrated by lighting small clay lamps on walls, balconies and yards. They are lit at sunset when their golden light guides the goddess of wealth and good fortune.
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