Gambia Fishing Holidays

The river, which meanders within The Gambia from the west on the Atlantic into the east, cutting the country into two halves, carries with it a rich variety of fish, as does the vast ocean of the Atlantic which surrounds the capital city Banjul. The Gambia is renowned for its sport fishing, and both experts and amateurs can enjoyu the chances of catching the ‘Big One’, on either the river or the salty waters of the Atlantic.

There are a variety of options available: beach-casting is popular and the best area is in the wetern part of the country, (Sanyang, Gunjr or Kartung). The creek fishing, also very popular, attracts visitors who sight see, bird watch, sun bathe and catch fish all on the same trip! There is also the deep sea fishing for those that are still looking for the biggest catch of the lot, where variety is the name of the game.

Visitors often bring their own gear, however for those that prefer to travel light, there is plenty of gear in The Gambia for hire. The cost is often included in the trip. For about GBP30-60, full fishing gear plus the trip on the boat is assured. The Gambia Tourism Authority (GTA) licenses boats are very safe, with all standard safety equipment: life jackets, VHF radios, mobiles etc.

The Gambia has many different fish, and it is reckoned that between November and April a barracuda catch is virtually guaranteed! So get hooked onto the fish that awaits you, whether it is on the banks of Denton Bridge, or the golden sands of Gunjur, the wandering water of the river or the roaring surfs of the Atlantic. Where ever you chose to go, there is bound to be a catch!

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