Malawi Wildlife Update

Set on the Shire in Liwonde National Park, River Mvuu Camp and lodge are well located for game viewing in Malawi.  Recently game viewing has been excellent as the park’s animals are emerging from the thickets around the river in search of water. Most of the natural waterholes in the park and sanctuary dry up at this time of year as water becomes scarcer within the park in the upcoming months, guests can expect to see a higher concentration of wildlife (particularly elephants and antelope) frequenting the river more often.

Warthogs have been spotted mating on several occasions, African Civets, White-tailed Mongoose, Large Spotted Genets and Porcupines have all ben seen regularly. Waterbuck and impala sightings are guaranteed at Mvuu. Small herds of zebra, buffalo and Lichtenstein’s Hartebeests were all seen in the rhino sanctuary.

Other game sightings remain encouraging, including eight zebras, nine Roan antelopes, 36 Sable antelopes, a herd of 70 buffalo, 3 Lichtenstein’s hartebeests, 12 Bush Pigs and fresh black rhino and lion tracks.

Other wildlife news from Chelinda Lodge in Nyika National Park includes an unusual predator scenario. As one of the spotters shone his light along the road at night, there were two Spotted hyaenas feeding on a fresh kill of reedbuck. Whilst the hyaenas feasted, a leopard quietly waited for his turn. Hyaenas are often scavengers but curiously, the tables were turned in this instance. The hyaenas devoured prime chunks of their kill whilst the leopard waited patiently for the leftovers.

A pair of Cape Clawless Otters were also spotted. This is an exceptionally rare sighting for the Nyika. Cape Clawless Otters are diurnal (active during the day) but are also known to hunt on moonlit nights. This species of otter is very playful and agile and they are excellent swimmers. Unlike other African Otter species, the Cape Clawless Otter spends a considerable amount of time out of the water and often wanders several kilometers away from water sources.

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