Money advice for Malawi

Local Currency

Malawian Kwacha (MWK)

General Advice

The Local Kwacha is divided into 100 tambalas. There is no limit on the amount of foreign currency brought into the country but it should be declared on arrival and accounted for on departure.  Only 200MK may be taken out of the country.

Money Exchange

Cash can be exchanged in banks and foreign exchange bureaus in all major towns.  Banks in towns are often only open in the mornings between 0800 and 1300.

ATM Availability

ATMs do not always accept international cards. For more information check theVisa ATM locator, the MasterCard ATM locator or the American Express ATM locator for the addresses of ATMs around the world.

Credit Cards

Credit cards are not widely accepted and can only be used in major hotels, airlines and car hire agencies – always check in advance. Credit cards and debit cards should be used with caution due to the potential for fraud and other criminal activity.

Other Information

Mobile banks sometimes service lakeshore villages and more remote towns – times and days for these will need to be checked locally.

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