Money Advice for Mozambique

Local Currency

Metical (MZN)

General Advice

In 2006, the Government of Mozambique changed its currency. The metical (Mts) has been replaced by the “new family” metical (Mtn). The new currency is exchanged at 1/1000 of the old currency; therefore, the three last zeros are removed from former amounts.

The new notes have been in circulation since July 2006 alongside the old. Prices for goods and services are in both formats. By January 2007, the old currency will be out of circulation and no longer accepted. Currency can be exchanged only at locations authorized by the government.

Money Exchange

Only US dollars or South African Rand can be exchanged easily in banks or legal Foreign Exchange Bureaux.

ATM Availability

Cash can be drawn from ATM’s in Maputo.  For more information check the Visa ATM locator, the MasterCard ATM locator or the American Express ATM locatorfor the addresses of ATMs around the world.

Credit Cards

Credit cards are widely accepted in Maputo, but rarely accepted elsewhere. Credit cards and debit cards should be used with caution due to the potential for fraud and other criminal activity.

Other Information

The import or export of local currency is prohibited. Travellers should state the amount of foreign currency in banknotes, cheques and traveller’s cheques brought into the country. Hotels always prefer to be paid in foreign currency.

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