Transport in Benin


Buses, minibuses and bush taxis are the main mode of transport between towns.


Taxis can be found in Cotonou and other towns, these are often shared unless you agree to hire one individually.  Scooter taxis are also available in towns, agree a fare before you travel – and ensure your driver takes care.

Car Hire

Car hire companies can be found in Cotonou, however it is not recommended to hire a car – the best way to see the country is by organised tour, or by hiring a car with driver.


Driving is on the right hand side.  Main roads are in a fairly good condition, though often lacking in street lights.   In the wet season some of the more remote roads may become impassable.


Infrequent trains run between Cotonou, Pobe, Ouidah and Parakou.  The trains offer a cheap but slow means of transport – departures are usually early morning every other day.  Second class carriages are usually crowded with everything from people to chickens, first class offer upholstered seats and a basic bar.  Food can be found at stations enroute.


Bush taxis and minibuses operate to the adjoining countries of Niger, Nigeria, Togo and Burkina Faso.

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