Transport in Eritrea


There are numerous buses and minibuses in Eritrea as this is the most common form of transport. There are frequent services between Asmara and Keren, Asmara and Massawa as well as between Asmara and the towns of the southern highlands such as Debarwa, Mendefera, Adi Quala as well as Dekemhare, Segeneiti, Adi Caieh and Senafe. There are also daily bus services between Teseney and Asmara traversing Barentu, Agordat and Keren as well as an alternative route traversing Barentu and Mendefera. There are also buses to the north of the country (Nakfa), however, they are less frequent. The buses to the southern coast (Assab) from Asmara are also not frequent but do operate.


Taxis are available in the capital and at the airport. Taxis are not metred and you should negotiate a fare before the journey.

Car Hire

Hire cars can be booked through the Eritrean Tour Service.


Traffic drives on the right hand side of the road, however, roads are often in poor condition. 4-wheel drive vehicles are recommended on roads and tracks apart from the main roads.


The only rail line in Eritrea runs between Asmara and Massawa and it is only served by a museum railway with no regular service. The service is only for tour groups.


If you are flying in to Asmara, you will need a permit from the Tourist Bureau if you consider traveling outside Asmara’s city limits. This permit needs to be applied for 10 days before travel. There are very few places other than Asmara, Keren and Massawa/Dahlak Islands that foreigners can travel to. If you are coming by land (or ferry to Massawa), you can get a travel permit at the locality of your arrival, to transit the country, given you have a valid entry visa. As long as you notify and consult with the Eritrean mission issuing your entry visa about your point of entry and travel plans well ahead of time, getting the travel permit is no problem.

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