Transport in Gabon


Inter-urban travel is mainly by minibus or pick-up truck. Daily minibus services run from Libreville to Lambaréné, Mouila, Oyem and Bitam.


There are extensive share-taxis. There are bus services in Port Gentil and Masuku (Franceville), and share-taxis in other centres.

Car Hire

Cars may be hired from main hotels and airports, although they tend to be expensive.


Traffic drives on the right and roads tend to be in poor condition. Check points are common in Gabon and drivers are asked to show passports, driving licence or vehicle registration documents. International Driving Permit and international insurance are required.


The Trans-Gabon Railway is the only railway line in Gabon; it is 410km long and connects Libreville with Franceville. Stops along the way include Ndjole and Moanda.


Ferries run regularly along the coast from Libreville to Port Gentil and also riverboats go along the Ogoué River between Port Gentil and Lambaréné.

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