Transport in Mauritius


Local bus services cover virtually all towns and villages on the island but can prove to be inflexible when seeking to visit the island’s main attractions. They are cheap, provide a great way to meet local islanders, and are straightforward to use. Air-conditioned express buses operate between major urban centres (Mahébourg to Port Louis for example). Other, much slower, services stop at every settlement en route to their final destination.


Taxis are widely available for hire on the island though do have a reputation for overcharging, despite having meters. To play safe and avoid unpleasant situations it is normally advisable to fix a price in advance. Check prices locally with hotel staff before embarking on a journey. Taxis can be hired for a day, or for whatever duration is required, for those not keen on the idea of self-drive.

Car Hire

For total independence and flexibility hiring a self-drive car is a very popular way to experience this island. For travel during peak holiday season, cars should be reserved well in advance due to high demand. Minimum age is either 21 or 23 depending on the hire-car company.


Driving is on the left and the wearing of seat belts is required by law. Road conditions vary from badly pot-holed minor country lanes to a first-rate motorway that runs from Grand Baie to Port Louis, then south to the International Airport.


Mauritius does not have a rail network or service.


For travellers who choose to arrive by sea, the Mauritius Shipping Corporation operates a ‘ferry’ service between Mauritius and Reunion (approx. 11 hours duration). Up-to-date schedules, fares and bookings are available through the local travel experts featured on this site. Rodrigues can also be reached by a popular weekly boat service taking between 25 and 36 hours. Boat cruise excursions to offshore islands, or for diving/snorkelling or fishing trips, are widely available at main island resorts.


Cycling is a fun and pleasant way to discover the generally flat coastal areas of Mauritius. It is best to stick to minor roads and country lanes due to the high volume of traffic on inland highways. Mountain bikes can be rented locally at most places to stay.

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