Transport in the Western Sahara


There are many local buses in Western Sahara. The main bus companies are Supratours (run by Moroccan Railways) and CTM who operate safe and comfortable buses between cities. Various companies operate buses within cities – where you usually pay on the bus.


There are two different types of taxi. Grand Taxis operate over fixed routes between major towns and cities, and rather than paying for the whole car, you pay a fixed rate for a seat in the car, the car will not usually depart until it is full. Vehicles vary from Mercedes saloon cars to transit vans and landrovers in the mountains. Most towns have special taxi ranks for grand taxis. Petit Taxis operate in the usual way, they are officially metered though most drivers prefer not to use these. Always check fares before starting the journey.

Car Hire

Cars can be hired in Laayoune and Dakhla through small local agencies.


Driving is on the right. When driving in cities be aware that local drivers can be notoriously impatient and do not keep to lanes.


There is no train service in Western Sahara.


There are no domestic ferry routes.

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