Weather in Egypt

Egypt is a hot desert country with little rainfall at any time of the year. Summers are hot with temperatures reaching 35°c and higher in Cairo with Luxor and Aswan reaching the low 40’s. Spring, autumn and winter are cooler with temperatures ranging between 26°c and 33°c with spring and autumn the best times to travel. Winter nights (November to February) can be very cold in the Western Desert, along the Nile and in the Sinai (with snow and frost on the summit of Mt Sinai common) with temperatures falling to 4°c. Rain, such as it is, falls in short, sharp showers generally in December and January.


Egypt is almost a year-round destination with only the summer months of June to August being quiet. Each season has something to offer – spring, early summer and autumn in the Sinai for diving and snorkelling, winter for sightseeing in the Nile Valley, spring and autumn for the Western Desert and felucca trips on the Nile. Easter and Christmas/New Year are extremely busy – avoid these times if possible for fewer crowds and lower prices.

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