Weather in Ethiopia

There are two seasons: the dry season prevails from October through May; the wet season runs from June to the end of September, with short rains in March.

Because of Ethiopia’s elevation temperatures rarely exceed 25 degrees C. in most of the country, although in lower lying areas such as Awash, Omo and Mago National Parks, it can get considerably hotter.


The best season to visit depends on where you are planning to visit.  In the Omo and Mago National Parks of Southern Ethiopia the main rains are from March to June with shorter rains in November.

With the upgrading of airports along the Historic Route – Axum, Bahar Dar, Lalibela and Gondar – the north can be visited even in the rainy season (thus a quieter time of year with less travellers). Travel during the rainy season has certain rewards such as a green countryside full of crops and flowers with sites largely to yourselves.

Travel during the time of Ethiopian festivals is extremely busy with hotels overflowing and demand at its peak with Ethiopia’s limited infrastructure at full stretch.  If you specifically want to travel during festival periods you’ll have to put up with the downsides, if you don’t – pick another time of year to visit!

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