Weather in Rwanda

A combination of tropical location and high altitude ensures that most of Rwanda has a temperate year-round climate. Temperatures rarely rise above 30C by day or below 15C at night throughout the year. However the upper slopes of the Virunga Mountains are colder, and the lower-lying Tanzania border area protected in Akagera National Park is hotter. Throughout the country, seasonal variations in temperature are relatively insignificant. Most parts of the country receive in excess of 1 metre of precipitation annually, with the driest months being June to September and the wettest March to May.


Rwanda is a destination that can be visited at any time of year. The long dry season runs from June to September, the wet seasons run from March to May and September to December. December to March is a generally unreliable period. Mountain gorillas can be accessed year-round but are easier to track in the dry. Chimps are normally more accessible when it’s wetter. Lake Kivu is beautiful at any time of year.

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