Weather in Sudan

The northern regions enjoy a desert climate with hot days and cold nights. Day temperatures range from 30-35˚C in October/November and March/April, to 25-30˚C in December through to February. Night temperatures instead vary from the 10-15˚C for the former months to the 0-10˚C for the latter. Dust storms, called “haboobs” frequently occur.

The best period for travelling is winter when days are dry and sunny, and humidity is at its lowest (20-40%). In the southern regions equatorial climatic conditions prevail with an average annual temperature of 29.5˚C, an annual rainfall of 1015mm and a very high humidity. In the vicinity of Khartoum the average annual temperature is about 27°C; annual rainfall, most of which occurs between mid-June and September, is about 254mm.

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