Weather in Uganda

Uganda has an equatorial/tropical climate which is tempered by cooling breezes from the mountains. In general terms the lowland area and lake shores enjoy a warm climate, while it is cooler in the highlands. The rains fall mainly between late March to May and October to November. Temperatures average about 26C during days and 16C at night. The hottest months are December to February with temperatures sitting around 30C.


Public holiday periods can become very busy in the parks (such as Queen Elizabeth) when ex-pat workers and wealthier locals take long weekend breaks. These periods are perhaps best avoided if seeking peace and quiet and fewer vehicles on the game drive circuits. Also during the heavier rains of March to May murram roads can become blocked with trucks bogged from sliding on very slippery road surfaces. This can increase travelling time considerably. Conditions underfoot whilst gorilla trekking are also more difficult during this peiod, with slippery (and often steep) jungle trails.

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