World Bank Funds for Nkhotakota

Nkhotakota Beach

The World Bank is releasing a grant of US$ 845,000 dollars to Malawi wildlife reserve, Nkhotakota Game Reserve in the hope that it will generate revenue for the country from a developing tourism industry.

The World Bank in Malawi on Thursday released a grant amounting to 845,000 U.S. dollar to Malawi ’s wild life association for the implementation of various programs to improve the country’s biggest wildlife reserve area of Nkhotakota Game Reserve.

The signing of the grant agreement took place in the capital, Lilongwe at the World Bank offices in the presence of the bank’s officials, Malawi Tourism Minister and government officials.

World Bank Country Manager in Malawi Sandra Bloemenkamp said as a global institution the Bank has a global commitment to protect the environment and support good environmental programs.

“I’m very happy today to be supporting Malawi ’s wildlife reserve area of Nkhotakota,” said Bloemenkamp, “wildlife sector can be an important area for the country’s economic growth if well supported and the World Bank is going to partner with Malawi government in promoting this area.”

Malawi Tourism Minister Dan Liwimbi thanked the Bank for the grant saying Nkhotakota wildlife reserve area had for long been in dire need of financial assistance.

The minister said if well funded the wild reserve area could generate revenue for the country due to a number of interesting wildlife and features it has.

Executive director for wild life association of Malawi Sam Kamoto who signed the grant on behalf of Malawi government said the funds would help the association in implementing a number of programs to boost operations of the wildlife reserve area.

“We are going to use these funds to carry out a biological inventory of the area, train wildlife scouts and we will also carry out tourism attraction assessment of the area and make it more attractive to tourists so as to generate more funds for the country,” said Kamoto.

Established in 1947 by the British colonialists, Nkhotakota wildlife game reserve is about 130 km north of Malawi capital, Lilongwe and it is the biggest of the country’s four game reserves with an area of 900 square km.

World Banks is one of Malawi ’s major donors and it supports the country’s various programs such as agriculture, health and many social programs.

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